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Progress 8, Attainment 8, EBacc and other performance measures; we've got everything covered with our cloud based service for the tracking and rapid analysis of school based performance data. Achievement data for subjects, learners, groups of learners, and DfE performance indicators can be easily identified, compared and analysed. Our solution is engaging for teachers and data management professionals.

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Understanding your data
What is Schools Attain Analytics?

Schools Attain Analytics turns the KS3 and KS4 data locked inside your MIS into actionable information. All levels of staff can use our online service to analyse A8, P8, English and Maths, EBacc, value added, subjects, classes and students. Our platform helps leaders demonstrate outstanding leadership.

Providing information at the speed of thought
Encouraging outstanding teaching

Within two clicks of signing-in, teachers can access their class data. A user-friendly interface allows for rapid drill-down and drill-up. Combined with our automatic red dot highlighting, your interventions can be precisely targeted. Mobile device compatibility means data can be analysed anytime, anywhere.

Ease of use

"It takes just one minute to identify whom I should target."

We would like to provide you with a demonstration, but to whet your appetite here are a few screenprints.

analytics for many school subjects
Well thought out ‘Data Visualisations’ present users with timely, relevant information on one screen

We turn your data into helpful information using three main views. Each view is predefined so you immediately have all of the required information in one place to make good decisions for your learners.

data matrix for easy visualisation
We identify attainment and achievement issues for you, and present these in a helpful way

We use up-to-date techniques to display data, such as sparklines and bullet graphs, which allow easy identification of learners, classes and subjects that require more investigation. We only highlight data that need highlighting.

easy navigation
Our navigation is highly intuitive

Through carefully planned navigation we have maximised the ease by which specific items of information and views can be found. Views of school data present high level information initially, with options for drill-down. This leads to better decision making as the most important information is clearly identifiable. .

Stay focused on your pupils. Let us do the leg work.

We are committed to providing a best of breed analytics platform.

Transition Matrices

Measure progress using DfE style matrices across all subjects, with a single click.

Instant search

From any screen, simply type a student name or class to instantly find the information you are looking for.

Customisable filters

Numerous customisable filters allow you to drill-down through PP, SEND, G+T, females, and many other groups.

Mobile friendly

Use from your Android or iOS device during events such as parents' evenings. Contents automatically reposition ensuring easy scrolling and viewing of information.

We are Schools Attain

A powerful service for speed of thought school analytics.

Our features help you to focus.

  • View your own classes in a single click
  • Compare series across years
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Customisable filters
  • Export
  • A8 and P8
  • English and Maths (basics)
  • EBacc
  • Overall pass rate
  • Value added
Contact us
Schools Attain analytics

Move forward with our modern cloud-based analytics service.

A professional, hosted, school analytics service.

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop access
  • All updates included
  • 24x7 availability
  • Highly secure infrastructure used by major banks and retail organisations
We need you

Calling all data managers.

We're a dynamic startup company keen on driving our product's development. We would now like your help in building upon our proposition.

Shape the future

You will be able to refine and suggest feature enhancements.

Value for money

Your school will receive a significant licence fee concession.


It's a great chance to develop your skills.


In time, these roles will be remunerated.

Interested? Contact us to let us know and we'll take it from there.

Wide range of easy to use features

Consistent views from screen to screen ensure users rapidly pin-point attainment and progress concerns.

Our service has been thoughtfully designed, screen by screen, feature by feature. Faculties, subjects, classes and students requiring additional support can easily be identified; just follow the red dots...

Ease of administration

Load data directly from your MIS system.

Schools Attain integrates with the leading Management Information Systems (MIS), providing read access to students, classes, teachers and subject data. Single click data transfer ensures you save time by never having to upload multiple CSV files.

links to all popular school MIS
Data Management Professionals

Numerous features to streamline data management processes.

We continually work to ensure ease of data management is maximised.

Flexibility is key to good analytics

Bespoke grading system.

Schools Attain can handle 9-1, sub-grades, categories (such as Gold, Silver and Bronze) and many other types of grading systems.

custom grade sets
Pricing Plans

Simple, Straight Pricing.

To ensure fairness and transparency, we openly publish our prices. All prices are fixed and concessions are available for multi-school subscriptions. A pricing structure based on the number of learners on roll means affordability for all sizes of school.


Small schools

  • MIS integration
  • Unlimited users
  • All tools
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop


Medium schools

  • MIS integration
  • Unlimited users
  • All tools
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop


Large schools

  • MIS integration
  • Unlimited users
  • All tools
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop

All subscriptions are for 12 months. First time users will also require up to three one hour administrator remote consultancy/training sessions (£295). All prices exclude VAT.

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